Solid molded precision parts

Equipment capacity: 200T/250T/300T solid-state molding press, internal mixer, open mill, film ejector, secondary vulcanization processor, laser engraving/spraying/printing equipment.

Silicone solid state compression molding process:

Extruded silica gel products are usually formed by extruding silica gel through an extrusion machine. It is a continuous molding process and can be suitable for the production and processing of double ditetrasulfide solid silica gel or platinum vulcanizing agent catalyzed solid silica gel. It is a process in which silicone rubber is continuously made into semi-finished products of various shapes under the interaction of the barrel of the silicone extruder and the rotating screw. It can be used to process silicone products such as silicone tubes and silicone strips.

Product specifications:

200T solid state molding machine mold size: 620*580mm
250T solid state molding machine mold size: 250*250mm, 550*540mm, 720*720mm
300T solid state molding machine mold size: 840*840mm

Product Features:

▪ Use environmentally friendly silicone materials, non-toxic, odorless and harmless;
▪ Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-deformation and other characteristics, can be used for a long time;
▪ It has good resilience and strong hand feeling, which is a real green environmental protection product;
▪ It can be single color, two color, three color and mixed with other colors;
▪ LOGO can be text, pattern or a combination of text and pattern;
▪ The silicone material is stable and will not be aging due to the influence of sunlight, odor and ultraviolet rays;
▪ Ultra-long service life, which can be compared with other materials such as rubber or plastic not currently on the market;
▪ The product complies with American national professional standards.

Main product categories, names, characteristics and MSK raw materials

Silicone semi-finished materials SiParts

Silicone“sands Of Magic”to Create Is Dare!
Able to meet future needs
Suitable for various industrial fields and multiple purposes.

By combining organic and inorganic materials, Improve the chemical and physical properties of materials.

Has a stable structure
Environment friendly
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