Liquid micro injection, liquid printing pad printing components

Equipment capabilities: liquid micro-injection dispenser, high-frequency molding press, liquid printing machine

Silicone solid state compression molding process:

The liquid micro-injection process is a process in which liquid silicone material is injected into a mold with a syringe through compressed air, and then baked at a high temperature and demolded to become a product. The liquid printing pad printing process is to use the mesh of the graphic part of the screen to penetrate the silica gel. When printing, pour silica gel on the screen printing screen, and use a squeegee (squeegee) to apply a certain pressure on the silica gel part of the screen printing screen. At the same time, the other end moves, and the silica gel is squeezed from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate during the movement by the scraper.

Product specifications:

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Product Features:

▪Using high-grade silicone materials, non-toxic, odorless and harmless, it is a real green environmental protection product;
▪Abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, non-deformation and other characteristics, long service life;
▪ Soft texture and high bionicity, suitable for babies to use;
▪ The product complies with the EU LFGB standard.

Main product categories, names, characteristics and MSK raw materials

Silicone semi-finished materials SiParts

Silicone“sands Of Magic”to Create Is Dare!
Able to meet future needs
Suitable for various industrial fields and multiple purposes.

By combining organic and inorganic materials, Improve the chemical and physical properties of materials.

Has a stable structure
Environment friendly
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