Silicone Thermal Adhesive Series

Equipment capacity: 1 double-sided liquid coating line for silicone cloth, 1270mm wide 10m tunnel oven; 1 single-sided liquid coating line for silicone leather, 1400mm wide 50m tunnel oven. 1 set of silicone coating machine, 1 set of release paper inspection machine, 1 set of elastic fabric inspection machine, 1 set of finished product sub-roll inspection machine, 2 sets of fabric heat splicing machine.

RTV1/RTV2 thermal products

One-component/two-component room temperature curing flame-retardant thermal conductive adhesive sealant, the surface dries quickly, the thermal conductivity is 0.8-2.5, has good thermal conductivity and does not require mechanical fixation.

Scope of application

Components are bonded and fixed, PCB components are fixed, LED lamps are bonded and fixed, and moisture-proof and sealed.


1. No corrosion to the substrate, no fogging, high tensile strength after curing, and high bonding strength to nylon, PC, aluminum and other materials.
2. Long-term use will not fall off and will not produce contact gaps. Neutral, non-corrosive, excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti-vibration, anti-corona, anti-leakage.
3. The adhesive has good adhesion to metal and most plastics, has excellent temperature resistance after curing, and has good thermal and cold impact effects. It can be used for a long time at -50~250℃.

Thermal Grease

Thermally conductive silicone grease is used between high-power electronic components and heat sinks, which can make the surface of the electronic components to be cooled and the radiator closely contact, reduce the thermal resistance, and can quickly and effectively reduce the temperature of the electronic components, thereby extending The service life of electronic components and improve their reliability.

Scope of application

Notebook computers, projectors and OA office electronic products, mobile and communication equipment, radiators, high-end industrial control and medical electronics, microelectronics and power module cooling, LED lights, sensors.


1. Low sedimentation, storage at room temperature
2. Superior high and low temperature resistance, good weather resistance and radiation resistance
3. Superior dielectric properties
4. Superior chemical and mechanical stability

Product application characteristics table

Thermally conductive material Qantek

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By combining organic and inorganic materials, Improve the chemical and physical properties of materials.

Has a stable structure
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