High thermal conductivity silicone sheet

Thermal Conductive Glue Series Thermal conductive silicone sheet is made of silicone rubber as the matrix and filled with thermally conductive powder, which has good thermal conductivity and insulation.
Thermally conductive silicon film can protect sensitive circuits and components reliably for a long time and is becoming more and more important in today’s numerous electronic product applications. As electronic modules show the development trend of increased processing power, increased production of electrical energy, and smaller body size and higher density, the need for thermal control continues to increase, and the requirements for thermally conductive materials are also getting higher and higher.
Qantek brand thermally conductive silicone sheet has good thermal conductivity and gap-filling properties, double-sided self-adhesive properties, convenient and simple operation, high electrical insulation performance, flame resistance, temperature resistance, fire resistance, ultra-soft hardness and compressibility.

Product specifications

1.200.0mm*400.0mm/ 300.0mm*300.0mm
2. Coil/sheet

Scope of application

Notebook computers, projectors and OA office electronic products, mobile and communication equipment, radiators, high-end industrial control and medical electronics, microelectronics and power module cooling, LED lights, sensors.


1. High compression, good resilience, high and low temperature resistance
2. Low oil output
3. Excellent thermal conductivity and insulation, can be used to fill structural gaps
4. Easy to construct and remove
5. Good electrical insulation properties
6.UL 94-V0 flame retardant certification
7. Closely fit the irregular surface of the device
8. High thermal conductivity, fast longitudinal heat transfer rate

Product application characteristics table

Thermally conductive material Qantek

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