Basic materials of thermal conductive silicone sheet

Formula: vinyl silicone oil + hydrogen-containing silicone oil + inhibitor + thermal powder + platinum catalyst
After mixing, calender molding or compression molding at temperature (T>120℃)

Principle of heat conduction

1. Thermal conductivity: the higher the K value, the better
2. Cushioning: hardness shoreA<5
3. Withstand voltage insulation: above 4000V
4. Flame retardant should reach 94V0 level


A. Hot press molding (consistent with HTV molding process)
B. Calendering
C. Coating
Calendering process: mix the glue and thermal powder according to the formula and stir evenly,
The blanking material is calendered on the release film to control the thickness at 0.05~1.2mm, after
Bake in an infrared oven at 120~130℃ for 3~5min.

Product Category

Vinyl silicone oil: MSK-SF3000E-500 viscosity 500CPS
Low hydrogen silicone oil: MSK SC0020B, hydrogen content 0.18%
Inhibitor: MSK SC601H
Platinum catalyst: MSK D3000C content 3000ppm

Recommended product ratio

Product application characteristics table

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