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KIREI REZA® silicone leather is widely used in office systems, sofas, chairs, and soft bags. Used in sofa chairs, it is highly praised by the international market. It is dirt-resistant, abrasion-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and the flexibility of the silicone leather surface is 30-40ºA. The future market demand to replace PU materials will be greatly accelerated into the market!
KIREI REZA ® silicone leather is widely used in the commercial market, including medical places, hotels, offices, schools, restaurants, public places and other custom contracted markets. Due to the government’s environmental regulations, silicone leather is inherently anti-fouling, hydrolysis resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, odorless, high flame retardant, and high wear resistance, which can meet the high requirements of the commercial field for leather secondary materials!

Silicone leather KIREIREZA

Silicone leather features

Silicone leather is a kind of leather with various colors, textures and feels on the surface of different base fabrics coated with silicone materials. The surface layer is coated with 100% silicone material, and the bottom layer is various base fabrics. KIREI REZA silicone leather material uses polymer organic silicon material. It is an environmentally friendly material, odorless and non-toxic, with excellent weather resistance, electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and aging resistance, high temperature resistance UV resistance, strong compatibility and chemical thermal curing stability, physiologically inert to the human body, biocompatibility, anti-allergic and non-toxic.

KIREI REZA ® silicone leather can replace PVC. It is toxic and cannot be recycled. Environmental protection. It can replace PU synthetic leather. It has poor weather resistance and hydrolysis and chipping after time changes. It can replace leather slaughter animals and post-processing leather solvent processing and environmental protection. Check for heavy metal problems.
KIREI REZA ® silicone leather has the best surface feel and various special textures of the leather. It has an excellent permanent smooth feel and no stickiness. It completely subverts the traditional SILICONE performance effect. The surface feel is not spray-formed and solvent-free. , Precise coating processing and forming can maintain permanent slip and wear resistance.

KIREI REZA ® silicone leather uses environmentally friendly high-performance polymer elastomers, with high temperature resistance -50℃~+250℃, and can be washed at high temperature without coking. KIREI REZA’s superior temperature resistance replaces PVC and PU products for long-term use in high temperature environments.
Because PU has the inevitable problems of hydrolysis, peeling, foaming, and stickiness, KIREI REZA ® silicone leather has excellent hydrolysis resistance and can be applied to more fields than PU leather, such as high-end medical devices, food and kitchenware, automobiles Interior, wearable materials, etc.

Can be combined with various materials processing

1. Colored and special slippery silicone material is coated on precision release material, and reposted and compounded on all kinds of coated fabric materials.
2. The substrate of the covering material can be changed to PET, TPU, PI, PCFILM materials, and different moldings can be changed in IML mode, and it can be combined with various engineering plastics in the mold for high-temperature composite injection molding.
3. Rolled and compounded with TPU hot melt adhesive film to form a roll, and then melted and formed with plastic after punching.
4. Roll composite with 3M double-sided adhesive tape to form a roll, and attach different materials after punching; it can also be an application to increase composite materials.
5. It can be treated with conductive silver paste or sputtering nano-treatment on various cloth surfaces or substrates, which is the best choice for wearable materials.

Silicone leather production process

Prepare the main glue, first add the appropriate proportion of the color paste and mix evenly to color, then add the additives in turn, stir evenly, and vacuum and degas for later use. Set the temperature of the oven and increase the preset temperature. Then determine the pattern to be done, set the width, substrate thickness, silicone thickness and other parameters before turning on the machine.
The adjusted silica gel is evenly coated with a scraper through the feeding port, and the thickness of the glue is controlled and then enters the oven for baking. After the leather comes out of the oven, it is rolled up to complete the production. The baked silicone leather is completely cured and formed, and the silicone surface is closely attached to the base fabric. Nano treatment of silver paste or sputtering process, wearable materials can be applied
The best choice.

Test certification

The safest and environmentally friendly high-performance application materials have passed the SGS testing center
The best high and low temperature resistant high performance application material

Product specifications

The width is 680mm-1370mm, the length is 15-1500 code, and the thickness is 0.3-1.4mm.

1. Proofing products

The width is 680mm* the number of yards, the minimum quantity is 15-30 yards, and the pattern is commonly used in the market.

2. Mass production products

The width is 1370mm* the number of yards, the minimum quantity is 1500 yards, and the production of one skin texture is limited to three colors.

3. The length of all products is calculated by yard, 1 yard = 0.9144 meters
4. The total thickness of the standard product = the thickness of the glue + the thickness of the cloth surface

0.4mm=Glue thickness 0.25mm+-0.02mm Cloth thickness 0.2mm +0.05 mm 0.6mm=Glue thickness 0.25mm+-0.02mm Cloth thickness 0.4mm +0.05 mm 0.8mm=Glue thickness 0.25mm+-0.02mm Cloth thickness 0.6mm +0.05 mm 1.0mm = coating thickness 0.25mm + -0.02mm cloth thickness 0.8mm +0.05 mm

5.Base material

White microfiber, non-woven fabric, cotton fabric, Lycra, knitted fabric, gray microfiber, suede, four-sided stretch, double-sided stretch Eichhornia cloth, PK cloth, flannel, PET/PC/TPU/PI FILM, TPU hot melt adhesive film, 3M double-sided tape, etc.


Large litchi pattern, small litchi pattern, plain weave, carbon fiber pattern, crocodile pattern, baby's breath, lambskin pattern, etc.


In general, ordinary hand feel, wear-resistant, shiny and slippery.


Beige green, golden yellow, yellow orange, pearl orange, ruby red, lilac red, blue green, sky blue, etc., The color is defined by the Raul standard number.

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