Aerogel slurry

The aerogel slurry is made of high-performance SiO aerogel as the main raw material, and adopts a unique special process to disperse hydrophobic SiO aerogel particles in an aqueous medium to prepare a slurry with high-efficiency thermal insulation properties. This product perfectly solves the dust problem of the aerogel during use and transportation, and retains the structure of the aerogel to the greatest extent. The thermal conductivity of the dried coating of the slurry at room temperature can be as low as 0.018W/m·k, and the dry slurry density is as low as 60kg/m³. After drying, the water-based aerogel slurry will exhibit hydrophobic properties. Aerogel slurry is an ideal additive for lightweight, high-efficiency thermal insulation and waterproof materials, especially in some water-based thermal insulation coatings and other composite thermal insulation materials.

Product number

ARG-PS015 (particle size 15μm), ARG-PS050 (particle size 50μm)

Scope of application

1. Coating additives, especially in water-based thermal insulation coating systems, can be widely used.
2. Coating raw materials, directly used as raw materials for coatings to produce high-efficiency thermal insulation coatings.
3. Composite insulation materials such as building materials, perlite materials, rock wool materials, and glass fiber materials.
4. Thermal insulation paper industry.
5. Ultra-thin thermal insulation materials, used in new energy vehicles, thermal insulation materials for special electronic parts.

Technical Parameters

Operation precautions:

(1) Before the slurry is used, there is a layered liquid at the bottom, which is normal, and it can be used after stirring evenly.
(2) For the liquid at the bottom of the slurry, customers can adjust the viscosity according to their needs, or add no more than 50% of water to adjust the viscosity.
(3) Due to external reasons, when the slurry becomes dry or has a high viscosity, dust may be generated during operation, which is normal.
(4) When there is dust in the operation, the customer can first use the liquid at the bottom of the slurry, or add no more than 50% of water to cover the surface of the wet slurry, then slowly stir to become a wet slurry, and finally high-speed stirring can be used.
(5) After use, the slurry must be sealed and kept away from light in an environment below 28°C.
(6) For the slurry beyond the service period, if it is kept in the wet slurry state, it can be used by adding no more than 50% water or the agent specially provided by our company. After wetting the surface first, stir slowly to form a slurry, and then stir evenly at high speed. , Does not affect performance. If it becomes a dry block, please contact our company’s technicians and follow our company’s instructions to deal with it before use.
(7) It is recommended that customers add a small amount of water and stir once every other month, and the shelf life of the slurry can be extended to more than 6 months. The amount of water added can be controlled according to the state of the slurry.
(8) The slurry can be used in alkaline or acidic environment, but it is not suitable to be mixed with organic solvents in large quantities.
(9) The addition amount of aerogel slurry in coatings or composite materials ranges from 35% to 70%.

Transport storage:

Transportation and storage: The products are carried out according to the general transportation method, and should be protected from rain and exposure during transportation. When storing the product, keep the package tightly sealed, and ensure that it is dry, ventilated, and avoid direct sunlight. The storage temperature is 5℃~35℃.

Aerogel ARG

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