Aerogel powder

Aerogel powder refers to SiO aerogel powder product with nano-pore structure. The product has the characteristics of extremely high porosity, extremely low density, high specific surface area, ultra-high pore volume, etc. It also has excellent thermal insulation performance, good sound insulation, strong adsorption, green environmental protection, flame retardant and hydrophobic And other excellent performance.

Product number

ARG-PD015 (15MM thick), ARG-PD050 (50MM thick)


1. Excellent thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity at room temperature (25℃) is less than 0.018W/m·K.
2. Highly hydrophobic: Lotus leaf-like hydrophobic effect, water repellency rate ≧90%.
3. Very low density: light weight, porosity as high as 90% or more.
4. Green and environmental protection: The product is composed of inorganic materials, does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and is safe and reliable.
5. Long-lasting heat resistance: the unique nano three-dimensional network structure provides excellent thermal stability and avoids the phenomenon that traditional thermal insulation materials are used for long-term use of thermal insulation performance.
6. Strong adsorption: The aerogel powder has a high surface area and excellent adsorption performance.

Scope of application

1. It is suitable for the manufacture of water-based aerogel thermal insulation coatings and water-based aerogel slurry.
2. Polyester chips and functional polyester film.
3. Thermal insulation foamed sheet filler.
4. Purifying and adsorbing functional fillers.
5. Nano oil-displacing agent is “strongly water-repellent and strongly lipophilic”, repels water when it meets water, and is compatible with oil.
6. Reduce the density of composite materials and improve the thermal insulation, fire resistance and impact resistance of composite materials.

Technical Parameters


Safety protection specifications: aerogel products are green, environmentally friendly, safe and harmless. However, it is inevitable that dust will appear during transportation and construction. It is recommended to install exhaust equipment in places prone to dust, and the construction personnel should wear dust masks, gloves, goggles and other protective facilities throughout the process to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Transportation and storage: The means of transportation should be equipped with dry and rain-proof measures, and should be handled with care during handling and transportation to avoid heavy pressure. It should be stored in a dry, ventilated, rain-proof, away from fire, heat and chemical solvents, and stacked according to varieties and specifications to avoid heavy pressure.

Aerogel ARG

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